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ETMWhen we first approached Vicky, my greatest challenge was letting go of needing to be in control of every moving piece and part of our business, while simultaneously experiencing numerous shifts in unexpected personnel changes. Vicky not only has an exceptional brain for business, but also a rare willingness to own and be accountable for entire projects. She requires very little direction and zero hand-holding. Accordingly, even though several of our long-time team members were in transition, we didn’t miss a beat thanks to Vicky’s confidence, utter generosity with her own time, and high-level competency.

Since we have been working with Vicky, I now feel that someone has our back…that I don’t have to think of everything…and most importantly that Vicky cares about our clients and subscribers like they’re her own, and is constantly contributing to their care, enjoyment and growth — this has significantly changed my life (and our team) for the better.

Today, I am supported (and I say that with a sigh of relief). I am now able to put a great deal of my focus, energy and effort into the expansion and new direction of our company, rather than every moment of every day being sucked up by daily operations and unexpected fires. I now have someone I can count on to “handle” with compassion and confidence any perceived “urgency” that appears, so I can remain focused on the greater purpose of our efforts.

Erin Thoms Melnick, COO
Life Is Now, Inc.

Vickie-Sullivan-03Since Vicky took over the administration function for Sullivan Speaker Services Inc. in October 2000, our gross revenues have tripled and Vicky has played an integral role in this growth.

Her dependability and ‘get it done no questions asked’ attitude give me peace of mind to let go of the details. No matter what needs to be done, Vicky finds a way to make it happen.

I can trust Vicky to be an accurate representative of me and reflect the values of my company. Her communication with clients and outsiders is effective, positive, and polished. Vicky’s ability to handle delicate situations with important clients allows me to build my brand as a top-notch professional.

I’ve worked with a lot of assistants since opening my business in 1987. I can say that Vicky Likens is the best administrative professional that has ever graced Sullivan Speaker Services, Inc. She is far more than an assistant — her partnership has grown my business to new heights. I feel that I have a confidante whose only agenda is to make my organization grow. Any client who works with Vicky will have an invaluable asset to their enterprise.

Vickie Sullivan
Sullivan Speaker Services, Inc.

julie-headshot1Working with Vicky has dramatically expanded my sense of what’s possible for my business.  She takes an idea and applies strategic thinking to map out how to make it happen, and nine times out of ten, she helps me to see an even bigger picture than I had seen before — and to see it in manageable steps.

Vicky has a remarkable gift of seeing into a business and recognizing where untapped opportunities exist.  She’s also terrific at cutting through the surface problems that can overwhelm an idea and making solutions simple.
Julie Fleming, J.D., A.C.C.
Lex Innova Consulting, LLC

KristiFrankAfter one consultation with Vicky, I am filled with possibility and a plan to get there!  She gave me support in the areas I needed it and the tools to make what I want HAPPEN!  Vicky also gave me a support system and tools to get my ideas into action right away.  Now I’m on my way to making a TV show, a book, and a whole product line thanks to her.  I have been struggling with ‘just ideas’ for 4 years now and after one call with Vicky my ideas became a reality.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I will be working with you monthly from now on!
Kristi Frank
CEO of and Park City Janes List Inc., is well-known for helping women entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses.  Kristi has been featured on Oprah, MSNBC, The Today Show and Season #1 of Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’.

whac_pictureBeing a small business owner and learning that I needed help to grow, I turned to Vicky Likens for help. I was big enough for an assistant, but not big enough for a full-time person. Vicky is a perfect fit. It scares me sometimes how we often think alike, even though we have never met face to face. It takes a while for me to trust a person, but with Vicky, it was immediate. In no time she was handling the many administrative tasks I thought I could never give up. I recently sold my company. Had it not been for Vicky, it would have been years before I had everything in order to be acquired.

I remember how I hired Vicky. I had heard about the VA industry and started interviewing the many who replied to my request for help. I happened to be in San Francisco at the time, just before a major airline strike was to occur. I asked all the VAs — ‘if you were my VA, how would you get me home?’. Some didn’t bother to answer. Vicky actually researched and found a number of different options to me and offered to make the arrangements if I needed them. I brought her on board on the spot.

Working with Vicky has allowed me to focus more on my business rather than in my business. She is the best!

Ted Vickey
FitWell Associates, Inc.

fabienne 0021Before working with you, Vicky, I thought I had a fairly good team of virtual assistants. I had four assistants working with me, in addition to a completely separate customer service company, and yet I somehow was still bogged down in the details, the minutae, and all the yucky stuff I didn’t like about running a 7-figure coaching practice. Because of these distractions, I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I wanted focused on what I’m truly passionate about — creating more abundance and spending more time being the creative genius behind my business. It felt frustrating…at times like I was still doing things on my own, almost as if I still didn’t have the infrastructure I needed. Worst of all, it completely drained my energy.

When I found you, Vicky, I knew that you were exactly the person I needed to help me sky-rocket my business even further and bring my life to the next level, too. Not only did you understand my big vision immediately, but you provided me with your tried and true techniques and tools, and took the guesswork out of everything. You stepped in as my Virtual Operations Manager and immediately started managing my virtual assistants to allow me the instant time, energy, and space to focus on what I need to accomplish with my clients. Having you there to advise me and guide me about making the tough decisions in the business is priceless. No wonder you’ve helped so many entrepreneurs go from 6-figures to 7-figures! I know that with your help, my business will grow quickly from 1 million to multiple millions a year.

A huge thing that sets you apart from any other virtual assistant I’ve ever worked with is not only your intuitive nature, but your ability to manage and fulfill your commitments impeccably. Working with you has made a huge and already measurable difference in my business.

If any of your prospective clients are TRULY serious about doubling or tripling their revenues, they need to stop delaying or making excuses and begin work with the very best: You.

Fabienne Fredrickson
Client Attraction LLC

Vicky is goal-oriented and driven by results. Her drive for tangible accomplishments is counterbalanced by an equal drive for correctness. Vicky’s creative mind allows her to see the “big picture” and she uses this creativity to solve problems. Her vision for results is one of her greatest strengths.

Kirk Niemczyk, MBA
Senior Director of Business Operations at Walk in the Word

Vicky is a great Virtual Assistant and has helped me implement several projects I would have never been able to get done without her assistance. She is an integral part of my business and handle several administrative functions including managing my other VA, scheduling my appointments, responding to client requests, managing my shopping cart program, coordinating teleseminars, and more.  She is a pleasure to work with.

Beverly Harvey
Executive Career Coach

I have known Vicky Likens for 5 years now and I have recommended her transcription services to all my colleagues.  There are several reasons why I recommend her very highly. Vicky is unbelievably fast, accurate and efficient. She has an amazing ear that enables her to transcribe some tough accents. She is technologically savvy and is set up to accommodate any format requests. Vicky is just a terrific person and truly an incredible asset and I am always glad to know that I can count on her.

Sesh Kannan
Senior Program Manager

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