Content Curator

Man with a bunch of old newspapers in the handsDo you constantly create new content and feel like you’re always trying to find new avenues to ‘push it out there’?

Ever wish you had a dedicated member of your team who could not only invest focus and bandwidth on your content, but who also ‘got you’ and understood your brand?

Do you put your content out consistently only to wonder if there are any results or if it’s really a worthwhile effort?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, we can help! The execution of a strong strategy requires that you develop digital relationships with people who can become evangelists of your brand and provide quantifiable value-add. One of the best ways to support these relationships and strengthen your brand is to post compelling content online. However, creating it consistently requires significant bandwidth. You either have to sift through content yourself, or hire someone to help you craft appropriate responses and counterpoints, disseminate content, and help you proactively manage your content.

To address the needs of our clients who have content, we’ve developed our Content Curator Services. We’ve outlined below what that might look like for your business in terms of a strategy + a process so that you can easily see how it applies to you.

  • The Content Curator is familiar with your buyer profile and how to influence their thinking, perspective, and all to action. We’ll apply the knowledge about your buyer profile to all the material posted on your web site, including sales pages and other marketing materials.

  • The Content Curator sends sample paragraphs of something you’d say.  We’ll send paragraphs to you that are ready to post on your social media profiles, or in the groups and forums you participate in on LinkedIn.  You can either post these yourself, or upon approval, we’re happy to post them on your social media channels on your behalf.

  • The Content Curator will find, group, organize, and share your best and most relevant digital content on specific issues. 
  • The Content Curator will discuss key questions, discussion points, etc., to send out via social media.  We’ll include this information on our weekly meeting agenda for discussion.

  • The Content Curator will engage your profile of economic buyers and market influencers in dialogue on key issues such as strategic relationships, innovation, or lasting change.  We’ll determine where your economic buyers ‘hang out’ on the web and frequent those blogs, forums, etc., and comment periodically with links back to your blog and/or web site.

  • The Content Curator will comb through all of your content to collect and share the best and most relevant for others to consume. Publish highly valuable content by other thoughts leaders in the market.  We’ll post snippets of various articles on your business Facebook page, tweet links to articles posted on your web site and blog, and, where appropriate, ask other industry and thought leaders about using their materials either in your articles or on your web site or blog.

  • The Content Curator has his/her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing social media landscape, letting you know how those changes impact you.  We’ll let you know if there’s something you are doing that could be done better, as well as make suggestions on things you should be doing, but aren’t.

  • The Content Curator will provide permission for others to use your digital content, as appropriate.  We’ll respond to general inquiries that come in regarding permission to reprint articles, etc., as well as respond to comments posted on your existing blog.


We’ll work closely with you to design a custom package that meets your specific needs, to drive results specifically for you, as everyone has different content needs. Please know that we also track all of our results very closely and provide those metrics and analytics to you on a regular basis. We’re also happy to manage any IP needs you have as part of this package, please just ask during your consultation.


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